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Book your appointment now and a ServiceUp driver will pick up & deliver your vehicle to you, at no additional charge.

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Auto repair should be convenient, transparent, & professional. ServiceUp believes there are 2 sides to automotive repair, the vehicle & the client. Most shops focus on servicing the vehicle. ServiceUp focuses on servicing the vehicle and the client. How do we service our clients?  We do this by Exceeding our clients expectations. The only thing the client has to do is book the appointment.  We take care of the rest

Step 1: Book Appointment

Step 2: Vehicle Pick-up : You will receive a driver tracking link

Step 3: ServiceUp will contact you about necessary repair & service items

Step 4: Vehicle Drop off: You will receive a driver tracking link

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We currently service South San Jose to San Carlos. If you live outside that region we can make special arrangements with a small amount of lead time. Please email or call/text (650) 630-5111.


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