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Auto repair should be convenient, transparent, & professional. ServiceUp believes there are 2 sides to automotive repair, the vehicle & the client. Most shops focus on servicing the vehicle. ServiceUp focuses on servicing the vehicles and the clients. How do we service our clients?  We do this by Exceeding our clients expectations. The only thing the client has to do is book the appointment. We take car of the rest



We have preferred technicians that are experts on every make and model of vehicle. A ServiceUp driver will take your vehicle to the proper shop to diagnose any issues you may be facing. Diagnostics may include pulling codes from a check engine light, feeling an abnormal vibration or movement, or replicating an irregular sound. Our experts will identify the root cause of the issue as part of our diagnostics service and we’ll report to you what may need to be fixed.

Preventative maintenance

We recommend you adhere closely to your regularly scheduled maintenance program as dictated by the manufacturer. At ServiceUp, we track your car’s history and notify you when scheduled maintenance is upcoming, due, and past due. Adhering to the scheduled maintenance will save you a significant amount of money in the long run. It greatly increases the longevity of the major systems in your vehicle, which drastically reduces your risk of a costly catastrophic failure.

30 point inspection

ServiceUp provides a complimentary 30 point inspection every time your vehicle is serviced. Our partner shops will review all the major systems of your car. We’ll keep you updated of any items that should be monitored such as tire tread, oil quality, or brake wear. Knowledge of the health of your car’s systems are crucial for a reliable vehicle.

Transmission rebuilding

You’ll want to service your transmission regularly to avoid future major repairs or breakdowns. For any major or minor transmission problems, or for a full rebuild or replacement of your transmission, schedule your pick-up with ServiceUp today and we’ll align your transmission needs with the best technicians in the area.

Collision repair

ServiceUp’s collision repair partners have decades of experience. Whether it is minor scratches from a run in with a shopping cart, or a major collision to salvage a sentimental heirloom, your vehicle will be returned to you looking brand new.

Wheels and tires

ServiceUp provides all facets of car repair including fixing damaged wheels and replacing worn or blown out tires. Also, if you need your alignment checked or you know you need your vehicle aligned, schedule your service with ServiceUp. Let us provide you a 30 point inspection and we’ll make sure everything that connects your vehicle to the road is fully functional.

A/C repair

Our partners are well versed in fixing your car’s air condition system. We can schedule routine maintenance on the A/C, an evacuate and recharge the system, or fix a broken system. Summer in California is not as enjoyable with broke AC!


Are your brakes screeching? Does the steering wheel vibrate or pull the car to one side when you slow down from freeway speeds or lower? You likely need to get your brakes checked and serviced. Rotors can get warped, pads wear down, or you may be low on fluid, but nothing is more dangerous than losing the ability to stop your vehicle… especially in an emergency. If you have any questions or concerns at all about your brake system, schedule an appointment with us immediately.

Battery test

Several makes of European cars specifically need regular maintenance on the electrical system that can affect battery life. Our 30 point inspection can find some of these errors, however if your car is slow to start or you’ve needed to jumpstart it recently, you’ll want one of our expert partner shops to test your battery and electrical system, register your battery, and prevent any larger repairs in the future.


Service Up has the Alignment experience to help keep your vehicle running smoothly. We offer the highest quality customer service and will treat your automobile as if it were our own. Roll off the lot with your vehicle feeling brand new. You’ll be amazed by the difference our Alignment services will make.